Vapur Element Bottle Review

Vapur Element Bottle Review

Vapur Element Bottle – Water .7L (23oz)

These are extremely popular with travellers as they can be folded away when empty for airlines, cars, trains or for hiking etc. and used again. 

There is an integrated carabiner that makes it easy to attach to your bag, luggage or belt loop. 

This is a great space saving accessory, especially as water and drinks can take up a lot of space when you travel. 

People like it as it has a good record of not spilling when being carried with drinks as some makes of collapsible bottle do. 

Having a capacity of nearly a litre (.7 ltre) this is often enough for a few hours, or if you have more than one, you can easily carry enough liquids to keep hydrated when you are away from a reliable source. 

Users have said that they have had no problems cleaning it in a dishwasher. 

When using it is a good idea to blow into it to make sure it expands fully and be careful not to squeeze the sides as you would with a normal bottle, or the liquid will probably spurt out! 

There have been plenty of people that have reported using it for months on end with no problems from it, as although it is collapsible, it is robustly made. 

At the time of writing there are 897 reviews on Amazon for the Vapur Element Bottle and it has received four point four out of a total of five stars.

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