10 Proven Advertising Tactics To Triple Your Income

10 Proven Advertising Tactics To Triple Your Income


1: Always Include A Guarantee In Your Advertisement.


Guarantees take away any perceived risk to the purchaser and studies have shown that they can increase sales by up to 300%.

The longer the guarantee the more chance of a sale.


2: Add Bonus(es) To Your Offer


E.g. “Buy this software/ebook and receive two other titles as a bonus.


3: Include Attention Grabbing Words In Your Headline.


E.g. “Free”


Advertisers know that if they use words such as “Free” in a headline it will grab attention and people are likely to read the rest of the advert.


Notice how many times advertisers use this in their headlines:


“Buy One Get One Free


Buy Now And Get A Free Coupon”.


4: Use A Time Sensitive Offer


For example “This Ebook Is Limited To $15 For The First 50 Customers Then The Price Will Increase To $20”.


Bonuses can be added so that early birds have a discount and bonuses as a reward for committing themselves early to an offer.


5: Use The Puppy Dog Technique


I have seen this used with water filter/purifier sales. A prospect is offered a water purifier for seven days free of charge and if they like it they only purchase it after the seven days are up if they want to keep it.


A very high proportion of people will keep the water purifier as their water tastes so much better.


(how many people want to give a puppy dog back after seven days? J)


This also takes the risk away from the prospect, as he or she may have reservations before they decide to purchase the water purifier outright before they have even tried it.


Something similar could be set up with Paypal where a customer would not be charged for the first instalment of an ebook or some software, but only the second instalment if they were happy with the product.


6: Give Free Samples In Return For A Review


If you have a new ebook of product/service to sell and you have no list you could offer it free to a set number of people in return for a review.


You can then use their reviews on your website to help advertise your product.


If the reviewers liked your product, they can form part of your list to review products in the future and they may even purchase from you.


7: Continually Experiment With Different Headlines


Experiment with different headlines. This is the most important part of your advert – especially on the internet, where you need to grab attention for people to want to read further.


If you are writing a headline, have a thesaurus handy (or use one on Google). Look at different words for your headline. You will often find that changing one or two words can make a dramatic effect.


8: Advertise Something You Have Purchased Yourself And Are Happy With


If you do this you will be able to identify with your prospect’s feelings and any concerns they may have and put them at ease.


You will also be able to communicate enthusiastically about the product.


This is especially important as an affiliate, so that you can give an honest review of things.


If you have found something great you will want to share this with your prospects.

If you have found something you were not enthusiastic about, you definitely will not want to share it with your prospects, as you know that they would lose confidence in your opinions.


9: Advertise The Benefits Not The Details


By building up all the benefits of a product you will give your prospect an overwhelming urge to purchase.


Showing how someone will benefit from your product and improve their life is much more powerful than just listing the details.


10: Sell The Sizzle Not The Sausage


If you have ever smelt sausages cooking at a stall you will probably feel hungry and want to purchase some.


If you knew what they were made of this might put you off.


I worked for a company that sold mortgage reduction policies.


Their advert would be along the lines of:


“Reduce Your Mortgage By Five Years” – Very appealing to anyone with a mortgage.


In their advert they did not go into the complicated process this involved as it would deter a lot of people.

Bonus Advertising Tactic

11: Advertise Your Product To Different Sectors Of The Market.

For instance Listerine advertised its product to people that wanted to keep their teeth clean and reduce plaque.


When they decided to advertise to people that suffered from halitosis their sales sky rocketed.

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