Public Domain Profits

Public Domain Profits.


How can public domain help you to create extraordinary profits?


First we should ask what is public domain?


According to Wikipedia it is “works whose exclusive intellectual property rights have expired”.

For books in the U.S. this will be anything that was written without copyright or written before 1923 where the copyright was not renewed.


There are tens of thousands of books that are come under this category.


“How To” books are particularly popular and books regarding hobbies such as carpentry and needle work as the basics of these never change.


These books were popular ninety years ago and they are still just as popular today.


Other popular subjects that you can find in the public domain are:





Dog Care





Sports such as Golf,Football,Tennis,Karate


To name just a few.


So once you have a book you want to profit from, once you are sure it is in the public domain you can either sell it on auction sites for anything from $5 up to $15 per time or create your own website to sell it from.


How To Profit From Selling Public Domain Books


You can either copy on to c.d.s or sell it in a digital format.


If you make changes to it you then have the option to sell it as your own work.


An alternative is to sell it on Amazon as a Kindle.


Using Public Domain Works As Content For Your Website


As you can probably see from the list of popular subjects above, most of these are not just popular in book format – they are also very popular on the internet.


If you want to create your own website on any popular subject you will have the task of creating pages of content that you can upload for readers.


This can be daunting. If you write all of these pages yourself it could take you months.


You could also hire writers, but this could cost you a small fortune.


However with material in the public domain you could cut your work load considerably.


All you need to do is check that the article you want to upload to your website has not been used before using a service such as Copyscape and then copy and paste any pages from your selected works on to your website.



Within a few hours you could create a whole website, that you could offer affiliate products from companies such as Amazon (if you don’t have your own products to sell).


You could also use the content to create articles to send out to subscribers to your email list if you have one.


You would also have created a valuable resource – a website – that people could pay your hundreds of dollars for – and sell it on sites such as Flippa.


These are just a couple of ways you can make money from public domain.

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