Lamy Safari Vs Pilot Metropolitan

Lamy Safari Vs Pilot Metropolitan

Both the Lamy Safari and Pilot Metropolitan fountain pens are extremely popular low cost fountain pens.

The Lamy Safari has a fibre glass (Polycarbonate Makralon) triangular body, that some find difficult to adjust to after using a round bodied fountain pen, although it is popular with a lot of people.

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The Pilot has a brass body that is slightly heavier and round.

The nib on the Lamy Safari is not quite as fine as the finest Metropolitan nib, this is because the Lamy is European (German made) and the Pilot Metropolitan is Asian (Japanese made) and European fine nibs are broader than their Asian counterparts.

This means that the Lamy Safari is lighter than the Pilot Metropolitan, so it depends on your preference for weather you prefer a heavier or lighter pen to hold.

The Safari has a bigger clip that is probably helps it to be a bit more secure in your pocket.

Another feature is that the Safari has an ink window that is visible from outside the pen, that gives you a clear indication of when you will need to replenish your ink.

The Metropolitan comes with an ink converter, this can be a big advantage as you have the ability to swap from cartridge to bottled ink easily, wheras the Safari does not come with a converter although it can be converted. However the Metropolitan does not come with an ink window.

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Both pens are very well made and people have reported dropping them without any damage to them.

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