Lamy Safari Review

Lamy Safari Review

The Lamy Safari fountain pen is made of moulded plastic.

It was designed by Wolfgang Fabian and Bernt Spiegel. It was first produced in 1980 and is still manufactured today. It is a non rounded design, with a cartridge/converter. produced with students in mind, although it is popular with more mature writers.

Lamy is a German company founded by Joseph Lamy in 1930 who was one of the first people to use moulded plastics to produce fountain pens.

This helped to make the production process cheaper and quicker than producing from brass or steel.

The Lamy 2000 is the company’s flagship fountain pen (produced in the year 1966).

It is the first fountain pen to use fibre glass (Polycarbonate Makralon).

It has a semi hooded nib. A commemorative version was produced in the year 2000 called the Edition 2000.

The Lamy Safari is popular because they feel good to write with, are very well made, people report dropping them and still having no trouble using them and have nibs that are smooth to write with.

As the pen is relatively inexpensive, a lot of people use this as a starter pen, but like it so much they still write with it even after they have purchased more expensive pens!

This pen comes with an ink cartridge but can easily be modified to use an ink converter – then it can use ink from a bottle.

The Lamy Safari comes in eight different colours: green, yellow, white, lilac,Umbra, red, blue and pink.

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