Pillow For Neck And Back Pain

Pillow For Neck And Back Pain

The Gideon Shiatsu deep kneading massage pillow is proving very popular.

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It is versatile giving you the option to use it wherever you need pain relief, be it the home, car or office.


It works with four rotating massage nodes that help to loosen tight muscles in your neck to relieve tension and aches and pains.


The massaging nodes have been designed to simulate real massage with an exuberant manipulation of the muscles and area in the neck.


The strap helps you to focus the operation of the massaging nodes to exactly the right spot, whether you are in a chair or lying down. The strength of the massage can be increased or decreased by pushing your neck harder or lighter against the pillow.


You can also position it on your shoulders or the lumber region of your back.

It comes with AC and DC cables to plug into home/office or a car.


This neck pain relief pillow even comes with a strap so that you can attach it to your car seat to help relieve neck pain when you drive.

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Orthopaedic pillows have been developed to help correction of the body’s posture whilst lying down.


They can help with the relief of neck pain and can help with other problems such as sleep disorders.


There is also an option for heat, that can also give extra help in relieving pain.


People have also used successfully to treat pain on their back and legs.


It has two speeds, with the higher speed being more effective.


Someone was even recommended one by his massage therapist and often uses it when the therapist is not available, or to “top up”.


Pros: Almost as good as going to a professional masseur but a lot cheaper – especially if you think of the number of sessions you might go to in a year!


Customers have used it successfully to treat sciatic nerve pain.


Cons: The massager is quite aggressive.


The mesh material is not very comfortable against the skin. Although this can be alleviated by putting material, or clothing on and then using it on top of this.


Some customers have said it can be too hot (although the heat can be turned off).


Other people have said that it is a lot better than other massagers that they have used, although the others were half the price.


Conclusion: The action of the massager although quite aggressive, does nevertheless help to relieve pain. With the added heat giving a lot of extra comfort as long as you put a cloth between the massager and your skin, so that it does not get too hot.


Click Here To See What 818 Happy Customers Have To Say About The Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow





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