Dunlop Revolution 7000 Series Table Tennis Bat Review

Dunlop Revolution 7000 Series Table Tennis Bat Review.

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This is a lovely table tennis bat to use as it gives you great power and spin.

It takes a few days to get use to, but it is well worth it if you are a player that likes to attack.

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I have used different table tennis bats over the years, starting with rubbers that have average power/spin qualities.

These have been good, but as I enjoy attacking more than defending I find a bat such as the Dunlop Revolution 7000 gives me a lot more power and as it grips the ball better, it means I can generate a lot of top spin – this helps to keep the ball on the table.

The downside to having a bat with a lot of power is that, the ball pings off of the rubber a long way.

So to start with I found it was best not to hit the ball so hard, just sort of guide it back.

In fact with a bat like this the only time you need to hit the ball hard is when you smash it!

The spin generated means that you have a great advantage when you serve.

You can try out different spins that help to put your opponent at a disadvantage straight away.

For instance, if you serve a backhand serve with side spin to your opponent’s backhand, he will find it difficult to return the ball without it flying off his bat.

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