Collapsible Water Bottle Review

Collapsible Water Bottle Review

Collapsible water bottles are becoming more and more popular.

Some of the benefits are that they are easy to fold up and put in your pocket, when there is no liquid in them, making them easy to carry.

This is a bonus when travelling by air as you can even fill them up again once you have travelled through security.

They are also useful for backpackers and hikers as they can be clipped (empty or full) on the outside of your rucksack of luggage and save space.

The inner layers are made of a different material to the outer layer so that the taste of plastic is eliminated.

The outer layers are of a stronger construction for protection.

The Survival Gear Plus 5 Quart is ideal for camping and has a large capacity.

The Platypus Plusbottle is totally collapsible and has a soft construction, that helps it to be squashed down very flat.

It takes longer to fill than some of the other collapsible water bottles but being able to flatten it after use probably makes up for this.

The Vapur Collapsible Bottle

This is another very popular collapsible water bottle with a capacity of .7 litres.

The Nomader Collapsible water bottle is useful for people visiting places where there are extremes of temperature as it is withstands temperatures from -4F to 248F and is sturdily made and easy to drink from.

The Ohyo Collapsible is another sturdily made collapsible water bottle that collapses like an accordion. Having a wide neck makes it easy to wash.

The Tap Collapsible Antibacterial Collapsible Water Bottle

Being probably the first antibacterial collapsible water bottle this could be a good choice if you are worried about germs.

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Tap Collapsible Antibacterial Water Bottle

The JerryBox Collapsible Water Bottle – 750ml has proved very popular.

The 750 mls capacity is more generous than quite a few collapsible water bottles and people like it because it is so easy to collapse and then unfold and

the lid has proven leak proof and it locks well.


The mouth has a nice wide opening which makes it easy to fill, drink out of and clean.


Baiji Bottle Collapsible Water Bottle – Set Of Three.


This is a good idea – a set of three collapsible water bottles keenly priced.


They are rollable and foldable and come with a sturdy metal carabiner for clipping on to your rucksack or baggage.


People seem keen on this water bottle and like the taste of water from it.


The vendor states that 10% of profits from this bottle will go to the dolphin rescue and protection organisations (verifiable)

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